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SIS3300 8 Channel 100 MHz 12-bit ADC


The SIS3300 is an 8 channel 6U VME digitizer/transient recorder with a sampling rate of up to 105 MHz (for the individual channel) and 12-bit resolution. The board has a width of one VME slot (4TE). The boards multi event and dual memory bank functionality make the card the choice for many demanding digitizer applications.

The SIS3301 65/80/105 MHz 14-bit FADC is the second member of this board family.


VME Setup with 16 SIS3300 modules and SIS3100 at the South Pole
(Photograph courtesy of Amanda collaboration)


Applications comprise (but are not limited to):sis3300

  • Szifi Calorimeter readout
  • NaI crystal readout
  • Gamma spectroscopy
  • Strip detector readout
  • Digitization of serialized data
  • Beam diagnostics



  • Single width 6U VME card
  • 8 channels (stripped 4 channel version available)
  • 105 MHz per channel (1 MHz - 105 MHz)
  • >80 MHz bandwidth
  • Internal/External clock
  • 2 banks x 128K samples/channel memory
  • Multi event mode
  • Pre/Post trigger capability
  • Trigger or output (8 individual thresholds)
  • A32/D32/BLT32/MBLT64/2eVME
  • In field JTAG firmware upgrade capability
  • Trapezoidal FIR filter option (firmware major revision 0x11) see below
  • Power consumption: +5V 6A (sampling @ 100 MHz), +12 V 50 mA, -12 V 50 mA


Control In/Outputs
Inputs Outputs
Clock In Clock Out
Start Busy
Stop Trigger
User in User out

Control In/Outputs are available with NIM or TTL levels



A (Access) Sam (Sampling)
P (Power) SRT (Start)
R (Ready) STP (Stop)
U (User) TRG (Trigger)


Input Options
LEMO00 connectors, 0 ... -/+1 V 50 Ohm inputs
LEMO00 connectors, 0 ... -/+5 V 50 Ohm inputs
LEMO00 connectors, 0 ... -/+8 V 75 Ohm inputs
LEMO00 connectors, +2.5 ... -2.5 V 50 Ohm inputs
other range and impedance options on request
refer to SIS3301 for differential input options
Memory Options
All units are stuffed with two memory banks (2 x 128 KSamples/channel) to allow for readout in parallel to acquisition/sampling

Front panel Layout


Trapezoidal FIR filter for triggering (major firmware revision 0x11)

A trapezoidal filter was implemented for DC/offset independent trigger generation. The screen shot below shows the input on ADC channel 1 and the corresponding FIR filtered data (which can be stored to ADC memory in test mode also).

Click on picture for a higher resolution