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SIS3320-250 8 Channel 250 MHz 12-bit ADC/Digitizer


8 channel 6U VME digitizer/transient recorder with a sampling rate of up to 250 MHz (for the individual channel) and 12-bit resolution. The board has a width of one VME slot (4TE). The boards multi event and readout in parallel to acquisition functionality make the card the choice for many demanding digitizer applications.




  • Single width 6U VME card
  • 8 channels
  • 250 MHz per channel (40 MHz - 250 MHz)
  • 32MSamples/channel memory (64 MSample option)
  • 100 MHz bandwidth
  • Offset DACs
  • Internal/External clock
  • readout in parallel to acquisition
  • Multi event mode
  • Pre/Post trigger capability
  • Trigger or output (8 individual thresholds)
  • A32/D32/BLT32/MBLT64/2eVME
  • In field JTAG and VME firmware upgrade capability