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SIS3601 32-bit Output Register


The SIS3601 is the output register implementation on the base of the SIS360x/38xx base board.

Auto event number increment mode makes the unit perfectly suited to distribute event numbers in larger scale VME data acquisition systems.

The unit looks exactly like the SIS3800 flat or SIS3800 LEMO units, in the case of NIM and ECL ouput levels special driver piggy backs are installed.

sis38xxflat sis38xxlemo
SIS3800 and SIS3800 LEMO



  • 32-bit output
  • data valid/write strobe output
  • pulse and level mode
  • ECL, NIM, TTL or LVDS levels
  • LEMO (NIM, TTL) or flat cable (ECL, LVDS) connectors
  • event number auto increment mode (in level mode only)
  • multiplexer and multiplexer data register
  • user control output /coupled with user LED)
  • NIM/ECL/TTL versions
  • LEMO/flat cable and LEMO/flat mixed versions
  • VME Access/user LED
  • A16/A24/A32 D16/D32
  • VME64x Connectors
  • VME64x Side Shielding


Multiplexing of pattern and multiplexer data register

The multiplexing of the multiplexer data register and the pattern register allows the user to define a N-bit wide counter, which is incremented in auto increment mode and to use the upper remaining bits of the SIS3601 as standard output register. The multiplexing behaviour is defined bit wise with the multiplexer register, if a bit is set, the status of the corresponding output bit will be taken from the multiplexer data register, if the bit is cleared the status of the pattern register will be used.




Pulse/Level mode: