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SIS3610 16 In/16 Output Register


The SIS3610 is a 16 channel input/16 channel output register implementation on the base of the SIS360x/38xx base board.

The unit looks exactly like the SIS3800 flat or SIS3800 LEMO units, in the case of NIM and ECL ouput levels special driver piggy backs are installed.

sis38xxflat sis38xxlemo
SIS3800 and SIS3800 LEMO



  • 16-bit output
  • 16-bit input
  • ECL, NIM, TTL or LVDS levels
  • LEMO (NIM, TTL) or flat cable (ECL, LVDS) connectors
  • LEMO/flat cable and LEMO/flat mixed versions
  • 4 user outputs/Flipflops coupled with LED
  • 4 control inputs (IRQ generation/Flipflop activation)
  • VME Access/user LED
  • A16/A24/A32 D16/D32
  • VME64x Connectors
  • VME64x Side Shielding