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SIS3000-2 VME Crate



The SIS3000-2 is a 21-slot 6U (7U including fan tray, about 8U with desk top option to allow for free airflow if the crate is used on a lab desk) VME crate, wich is assembled from reliable standard industrial components and some custom mechanical parts.


Ordering Options
Option Item
SIS3000-2 Options
2 600 W power supply
A Auto daisy chain backplane
X VME64x backplane
X0 VME64x backplane with J0 connector
EA Electronic daisy chain option for options X and X0
RCG Rear Card Guides and fan tray with 6 fans
PFM Power fail module (generation of ACFAIL and SYSRESET)
VMM Voltage monitoring module (generation of SYSFAIL)
DESK Desktop side panels for free air flow on lab desk
110 110 V line voltage
TWINM/K 2 separate VME backlanes
1st backplane M VME slots
2nd backplane K VME slots


Parameter 600 W supply
SIS3000-2 power
I1 (U=+5 V) 100 A
I2 (U=+12 V) 8 A
I3 (U=-12 V) 4 A